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Where are you located?

We're located at 122 Pleasant Street, Suite 111 in the Keystone Building. The entrance is directly across from Gerry's Variety Store. We're on the first floor directly ahead as you enter.

If you get here and need more guidance about our location, call us at 413-203-5942.

Where Can I Park?


Parking is available on Pleasant street directly in front of the Keystone Building where Zing! is located.   You can also park in the Keystone lot across the street.

Do You Need to be a Member to Play?

You never need to be a member to play or participate in any of Zing!’s activities. All welcome! Always!!

What ages and skill levels play at Zing!?

All ages! – from 5 to 95! Parents with young kids, families, dating and married couples, juniors (see KIDS section), college students, 20-30-40-50 somethings, new retirees and generations of families plays here.

What are the health benefits of table tennis?

There are many physical, mental, and emotional benefits to table tennis including:

  • Improved Balance.
  • Increased reflexes.
  • Improved heart function and aerobic capacity.
  • Improved decision making skills.
  • Relieves Depression through exercise. The sound of the ball on the table brings people into the moment it’s great fun at any level. And the enjoyment of being with others can bring a smile to your face! 
  • Weight loss and control. 

Additionally, table tennis can be played at any level of fitness, so you can start easily and increase the intensity as your physical conditioning improves.

Do you need to make reservations?

While drop-ins are warmly welcome, it’s best to call ahead to ensure table availability. A monthly calendar of events is on the home page which will indicate whether Zing! is closed for a private event.

Are paddles and balls available?

Yes, paddles and balls are included with your table or round robin fee.  Of course, you may bring your own paddle. 

What does it cost to play?
  • You can rent a table with friends for 1 hour (2 players) for $20. Each additional player is $5.00 with a maximum of 4 players per table. 
  • 1.5 hour table rental is $24 and 2 hour rental is $28.
  • You can join our Weekly Round Robin Group Plays  for $10.  
  • Please refer to our membership page for a list of membership options.
I’m a beginner, how can I learn?

Here are some ways to learn and improve your game:

  • Take a private, semi-private or group lesson with one of Zing!’s skilled certified coaches.
  • Rent practice time on our programmable robot.
  • Drop into one of our regular weekly Round Robin group play events.
  • Come with a friend and become regular practice partners.
  • Once we’ve seen you play we can suggest partners for you.
  • And our staff is happy to provide quick tips on how to hold a paddle, or to explain the rules.
What are my options if I don’t have a partner?

Each Tuesday and Thursday, you'll find a round robin from 11-8 PM.  Find a time in that works best for you.  There is also a round robin on Sundays from 11-6PM.  or rent our programmable Table Tennis Robot. You can also book a private lesson where we can evaluate your game and suggest partners for you.

Do you have coaching for beginners? Advanced players?

Yes, we offer skilled coaching for all levels with our certified pros, from children to adult.

What are your coaching credentials?
  • Our coaches are certified by the International Table Tennis Federation or received training abroad.
  • Our coaching staff is also SafeSport Certified through the US Olympic Committee.
  • Our youth coaches are certified through AYTTO (American Youth Table Tennis Organization)
  • Noel Abbott,  holds coaching certifications through the USA Table Tennis Association at State Level (USATT), the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), and through the American Youth Table Tennis Association (AYTTO). Noel also received umpire’s certification through the USATT. Noel is also certified as a Parkinson's
How do I set up private lessons?

Call us. We’ll schedule you with one of our coaches. Half-hour and full-hour lessons are available.  ($35/half hour;  $60/hour.  Member discounts available.)

Do you offer group lessons?

Yes. We offer group programs for kids and adults.

Are food and beverages available?

Yes, we offer a range of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks for sale.

Do you serve Alcohol?

No. Zing! is non-alcoholic. However, there are excellent brewery options nearby.

What’s the difference between Table Tennis and Ping Pong?

“Table Tennis” is the official name of this international sport. “Ping Pong” is a name coined by Parker Brothers (the inventors of the game Monopoly) in the early 20th century.

Worldwide, the sport is referred to as Table Tennis and is played in the Summer Olympics.

Where can I learn the rules of Table Tennis?
  • The basic rules of Table Tennis can be found here: https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/RULES.pdf
  • For more in-depth rules, see this link on the International Table Tennis Federation. ( page 34 “The Laws of Table Tennis”) https://d3mjm6zw6cr45s.cloudfront.net/2018/02/2018ITTFHandbook_v2.pdf_0.pdf
  • Our Zing! staff is also happy to answer your rules questions.
How did you get the name Zing!?

The name Zing! was created by Alan Boyd, our start-up marketing and branding expert. Zing!® is a brand name trademarked through the US Patent and Trade Office.

Do you sell equipment?

Yes. Zing! has the only full service pro shop in the region offering a wide range of well priced paddles, balls, nets, Zing! shirts, and accessories. To take your game to the next level, we can build you a custom competition paddle.

The best part: test out demos of almost all you’ll buy. You’ll know what you’re getting and have our expert advice to guide you.

Drop by Zing! and we’ll get you set up.

Do you have locker rooms with showers?

While Zing! has no locker rooms or showers. Some people change in the large hall bathrooms.

Zing! does have small 12” cubed lockers where you can bring your own lock and store your valuables while playing. 

Where do I put my things? Can I store my gear between visits?

Leave small items on our lounge tables, in our lockers (bring your own lock for valuables), or bring them to your playing table. Leave street shoes and gear bags on the lounge floor.

You can also rent small lockers to store your gear between visits.