Pong-a-Thon 2019

This year’s October 18th Pong-a-Thon will benefit refugee rights through the ACLU’s Massachusetts Refugee Protection Project. Come join us for a full day of many activities at Zing! from 7 AM through 8 PM Friday, October 18th. All welcome!

Some of our events:

  • Hit with a pro
  • Hit with a celebrity.
  • Join a skills challenge against our programmable robot.
  • Mini-lessons for kids (and their parents)
  • Team with Bob, Bill or another luminary in a Doubles Tournament.
  • And more!!

For info, call Zing! 413-203-5942

Bob Flaherty nails one

Bill Newman CAN handle a paddle!

Monte Belmonte & Denise Vozella

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