Policies, Terms & Conditions


Zing!’s Terms, Conditions, and Policies are intended to make it enjoyable for everyone using our center.


  • How We Handle Your Contact Information: When signing in to Zing! you will be asked to enter your name, email, phone, or other information. We’ll use this information if needed to contact you about your visit or if you’ve left something behind. We’ll never sell your name and will only opt you in for our newsletter with your expressed permission.
  • Zing!’s Newsletter: If you opt in to receiving our newsletter we’ll never sell your name, we won’t send junk, and we won’t send often.
  • Contact Information:
    You agree to keep your contact information updated with us and to let us know of any changes to your email, phone, or mailing address.
  • Liability Waiver
    We continually endeavor to provide safe playing conditions. You agree to hold Zing! Table Tennis Center, Table Tennis Express LLC and its staff harmless from liability short of willful gross negligence.
  • Medical Conditions:
    You agree to let us know about any medical conditions that might affect your safety during play. We will keep this information confidential.
  • Security:
    We have security cameras in the club. They will be used only for the purposes of:

    • Your safety and security.
    • The safety of our staff, facilities, and equipment.
  • Cancellation of Membership
    If you violate these Terms & Conditions, Policies, or Club Rules, we reserve the right to cancel your membership and make a pro-rata refund of your Membership fee less a $50 administration fee.
  • Legal Agreement:
    This document is a legal agreement. Our intention in providing this information is to create a clear working agreement that lays out your and our rights and responsibilities.


  • Keyholder Electronic Access:
    Your individual membership applies to only you. You agree:

    • That you will not share keys or your unique access information or access combinations with anyone else including adult family members, children, friends and acquaintances.
    • There will be a fully refundable deposit for your electronic key fob. We’ll return this to you when you give us back your key.
  • Member Access for all membership levels except Juniors:
    • Members have extended hours access privileges which are only available to our Zing! Members and the guests that they bring.
  • No guarantee of unlimited court time:
    • As a member you will have priority court access over non-members, however, there may be times when the center may be partially or fully committed to specific programs, parties and events. You acknowledge that we can provide no guarantee of unlimited court time access.

Junior Members:
We’ll have a rich variety of programs and options for you. If you’re under 18 years old, please don’t access the club during non-staffed hours unless you’re accompanied by an adult over the age of twenty-one.

  • Privacy:
    We will treat your member information with respect and never sell, trade or otherwise disclose your contact information except to comply with the law and national security requirements.
  • If you opt in, Table Tennis Express LLC DBA Zing!® may send you information in relation to your Zing! membership or any other offers and promotions.


  • Wear only soft-soled non-marking athletic shoes in the playing area.
  • Please keep all food and open drinks in the lounge. Drinks in sealed containers can be brought into the playing area but must be sealed and stored on the floor underneath the net area for player’s safety.
  • Place nothing on the table playing surfaces except paddles and balls.
  • Please treat all facilities and equipment with respect. Clear your balls from your playing area when done and remove all personal belongings.
  • A limited number of paddles are available to players. If you borrow a paddle, return it to a staff member or to the paddle container.
  • If your ball rolls onto another occupied court, please wait until their point is over to request your ball back.
  • If another group’s ball rolls onto your court, please return it at the end of your point.
  • Booking reservations apply to your specific court time. We make no guarantee that you can play on a specific table.
  • Please follow staff instructions regarding the table you play on or any other requests. They will be made to facilitate programs or other priorities that serve all our members.
  • Those over the age of eighteen have full booking and playing privileges as of their eighteenth birthday.

Our goal is to serve you as our members and guests. Please direct any questions to Noel Abbott, owner, at Noel@ZingTT.com. Or call Noel at 413-203-5942.

Junior Members Under the Age of Eighteen:

Juniors welcome! The chart below details your rights and privileges.

The definition of “Junior Member” applies to you if you are between the ages of eight and sixteen and hold a Junior Membership.

  • If you are under the age of sixteen you must be accompanied by an adult over the age of twenty-one unless you’re enrolled a staffed Zing! program.
  • From the ages of sixteen to eighteen you have access to the club during club staffed hours. If club is unstaffed, you must be accompanied by an adult member over the age of twenty-one.


We reserve the right to change all Terms and Conditions, Policies, and Club Rules. Changes will be posted in this section of the website. To our members: If those changes restrict – rather than increase – your access or privileges and don’t serve your needs, let us know. If you no longer wish to continue your membership, we’ll provide a pro-rata refund from the date you provide us with written notice.

We truly welcome your thoughts and suggestions. We’re committed to continually improving our facilities and services to you as our Members.

How to contact us:

Zing!, Keystone Building
122 Pleasant Street, Suite 111 (first floor)
Easthampton, MA 01027
(413) 203-5942

Zing!® Table Tennis Center is a trademarked brand under the corporate umbrella of Table Tennis Express LLC.

For purchases by check, please make all payments to Table Tennis Express LLC.


  16 to 18 years 12 to 16 years 8 to 12 years Under 8 years old
Center Access Only during club staffed hours unless accompanied by an adult over the age of 21. Only during club staffed hours unless accompanied by an adult over the age of 21. Only while in programs unless accompanied by an adult over the age of 21. Only while in programs unless accompanied by an adult over the age of 21.
Reservation Privileges Normal adult booking privileges until 7 PM Only an accompanying adult can book until 7 PM Only an accompanying adult can book until 7 PM Only an accompanying adult can book until 7 PM.
Hourly Court Fees Regular Member fees For each child playing without parents on court: $5- for 1st hour + $2.50 per additional hour. For each child playing without parents on court: $5- for 1st hour + $2.50 per additional hour. Plays free when playing with an adult who pays full table fee.
Annual Membership Fee – Unlimited Play at Junior hours $199 prepaid or $20/month with annual contract. $199 prepaid or $20/month with annual contract. $199 prepaid or $20/month with annual contract. None



  • Junior Members can receive their own electronic key access on their 18th birthday when they’ll have full adult member privileges.
  • The next older level of privileges occurs on a Junior Member’s birthday.
  • To facilitate club programs or other needs, staff may ask all Members, including Junior Members, to use certain tables.
  • We ask that Junior Members be dropped off for lessons or programs and be timely picked up at program’s end.
  • By enrolling Juniors in our membership program, parents and legal guardians are signifying their agreement to the terms of Junior Memberships.